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Your trusted partner In Bulk SMS enterprise mobility solutions.

Client Oriented

Our Team of Industry experts will provide you with the best solution for your business needs.

Robust infrastructure

Our server is designed to scale millions of SMS in a go. We treat every single SMS like it’s the only one.

Smart tracking

Keep a track of anything and everything. From sent SMS logs to delivery time and failed numbers.


As more users are accessing the application from Mobile and Tablets. We made it compatible.

User Friendly

We designed the user interface so simple to have minimalistic difficulty in the usage from a user or reseller perspective.

Great Support

Our dedicated superheros are ready to give you the best support . They are your friends and consultants in need!



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Promotional BULK SMS

Promotional BULK SMS are most commonly used Mobile Marketing Techniques which emerged out of the last decade of mobile revolution, In India the Sender ID is locked with reference to TRAI Regulation and customer preference was introduced in the year 2012. Accordingly the Sender ID For promotional SMS is bound to be a SIX digit numeric code, which represents the Telemarketer and the target audience to which the SMS is submitted into. As Per the TRAI regulations a telemarketer is not allowed to SEND SMS to Mobile Subscribers who are registered in DND category.

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Transactional BULK SMS

Enterprises mostly use Transactional BULK SMS for communicating with their target customer base on a regular basis, this can include alert services from Educational Institutions, Hospitals, service stations and other areas refer: FAQ for More on Applications of BULK SMS. Transactional BULK SMS is sent using a SIX character Alphabetic Sender ID that Represents the Organization that sends out messages. Transactional messages can be sent to all mobile numbers, but need to ensure that the subscriber is opted in to receive the SMS.

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OTP is a fall-back-ready system so that you get a sure-shot delivery unlike using any OTP SMS gateway or any other OTP via SMS service. Your user may live in any city of any country! We have got him covered. Guaranteed OTP. Worldwide, there are more than 10,000 networks and guarantee of delivery every SMS on each network is almost impossible. But you know, we have free voice call. So we offer 100% OTP delivery worldwide. We ENSURE that OTP reaches the end-user come what may. First, our robust system ensures the sure-shot delivery of OTP 99% of the times. But for that .1% when it doesn’t reach, we provide free voice call.


We create a seamless intraction of businesses and people through mobile.

Global Reach

  • Connected to 180 Countries
  • Start Reselling in Any Country
  • Send SMS to multiple countries
  • 500+ networks on a single Platform

Managed Service

  • Dedicated IP
  • Multiple Billing Plans
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Software as a service model

At Your Server

  • Full Application on your Server
  • Easy to Manage Control Panel for Back END
  • One Year dedicated Technical Support
  • No Monthly Maintenance Fees

Multi Add-Ons

  • Excel Plugin
  • Google Sheet Plugin
  • Wordpress, Vtiger Plugin
  • CScart, Magento Plugin

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Our Team Players

Every day, our team members bring their Talent, Commitment and diverse perspectives to work making our Communities and company much better.

Vijay Kumar

Head Cloud
Software Unit

Dharmendra Kumar

Head Technical Department

Om Prakash Singh

Head Web Development Unit

Praveen Kumar

Head Video Production unit

Emma Stone


Olivia's management background began at Bellevue College, where she managed software integration, division relocation(s), staff and facility support. Her well-rounded skills and dedication make her an expert at organizing multiple projects and resources. While completing her degree at Bellevue, she took many classes for personal & professional development, working towards a certificate in Web Development.

Outcome Driven | Digital Strategist | Data Focused | Traveller | Coffee Addict | Music Snob

Our Skills

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API's are the most vital, powerful, reliable way to communicate between two servers. Integrate Bulk SMS APIs Gateway with Java, PHP, HTTP Scripts !

What Our Clients Say

Ashish Srivastav / MD , Sunbeam School

"It has been a delight working with divytecSMS. They literally took us by our hand to help us set up the account. divytec team is not only available to assist, they take initiative and call regularly to see if we are facing any issues. The team is always courteous and respectful. Great job guys. Its a pleasure to be associated with you."

Roshan Bharti / CEO , Bharti Service

"This is so user friendly, quickly accessible, importing and exporting data are pretty quick. templates were automatically saved as draft. Quick sending without any hazards. Automatically filters duplicates and DND numbers. it's so easy to integrate with other services like our CRM which is a major plus. Would highly recommend. Totally awesome !"

Sujith P / Manager , Grasim Fabrics

"I have been connected with divytec from past few months and also found that there are lot of companies out selling SMS , But divytecSMS stands out of the crowd with its one of a kind SMS delivery network, easy integration with application and best customer support. Would definitely recommend divytecSMS !"

Rakesh Chauhan / CEO , Chauhan Technologies

"Service, including the customer care is good. However, packages are little pricey when compared to other vendors in India. While quality comes with money, 30% more than other vendors is little too much, it could be brought down a little. Good service , attachments helped me allot!"

Pradeep K / GM , VegIT Foods

"Easy to use, very effective communication tool. Absolutely fantastic service. So easy, and great reporting facility which lets you know exactly who has already received a message along with any still pending due to their phones being off. Very good customer support and very patient to handle with quires. Excepting the same in future too !"

Pricing List

Need a customized plan ? Get in Touch, we will tailor you one.



  • Transactional and Promotional
  • Unlimited Validity
  • Add Users
  • Free SMS Website
  • Add Resellers



  • Transactional and Promotional
  • Unlimited Validity
  • Add Users
  • Free SMS Website
  • Add Resellers



  • Transactional and Promotional
  • Unlimited Validity
  • Add Users
  • Free SMS Website
  • Add Resellers

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